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  • Are you wondering what the top brands of candles are that your friends are buying?
    From well known brands of candles like Yankee, to WoodWick and even slightly unknown ones like Cire Trudon. Of course these are not the only ones out there for you to buy.
  • Perhaps you’re wanting some tips on how to buy candles at a discounted price
  • If buying candles is not your thing there are also many how to guides on making your own homemade candles at Hit Candles.
  • Regardless of experience level, you will find help candle making tips for everyone.
    • From picking you wax and supplies
    • Types of candles and their level of difficulty
    • Candle styles like jar candles, gel, beeswax or soy ones.
  • You can find decorating tips and more on how to use them in all the different areas of your house & yard, from fireplace mantle to creating a spa like environment in your bathroom tub.

Face it, candles can really change how a room feels and they are a simple, yet affordable solution. With so many brands of candles these days it can be difficult to know where to find the best discount candles online. Look no further than this site to quickly find access to the best ones to buy.



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